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About Nathalie

Nathalie Bajinya, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and today a proud citizen of the United States, designs unique African and classic international styles of dresses, sportswear, and accessories, all custom, hand-made using high quality materials individually selected for each piece. All of the items in the Bajinya line are made in her Shop in Lakewood, Washington. The designs are appealing to women and men who want unique styles that differentiate them from their peers wearing the mass produced “mall” clothes.

Nathalie was fascinated by clothing and design from an early age. She was taught to sew while living in an orphanage in Kenya. The nuns that ran the orphanage could not afford to send the children to school, but they could give them the gift of a skilled trade. Today Nathalie translates her sewing and design skills into the creation of one of a kind garments and accessories. Customers provide their key measurements to ensure a perfectly fitting garment. It is Nathalie’s philosophy that body image is best represented by an individual’s personality and their personal attitude about their health and fitness. As a result her clothing and accessories are designed to accent an individual’s unique self – All Shapes. All Sizes. All Beautiful.

Pricing is based on the design, cost of the materials, and complexity of production. The merchandise does not attempt to compete with the mass produced items that can be found in the traditional “mall” experience.

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